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4 ways to get over public speaking anxiety very easy

By: Jasmine

Got a big day tomorrow and feeling overwhelmed? Are u afraid to face that presentation in front of people or class? Are you overthinking about it all day?  Then you’ve...


6 Ways of Stopping Subconscious Anxiety

By: Nabila

Do you feel worried about an impending danger? Or you became overly anxious to otherwise not that threatening situations? Well, you are not alone. According to WHO 1 in every...


5 Techniques to Stop Avoiding Things Because of Anxiety

By: Susan

Anxiety and Avoidance – A Brief Introduction Anxiety is scary. Panic attacks, in particular, are terrifying. As a sufferer of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), I have often done all I...


6 Quick Techniques to Calm Anxiety Before A Date

By: Michael

It's impossible to find a particular book that talks about dating stress, especially when you're set up on a blind date. Your timing might be completely off because of such...


Top 8 Tips For Calming Anxiety Before Bed

By: Michael

Do you ever experience nights when your thoughts and the environment around you cannot allow you to sleep peacefully? Well, you are not alone because anxiety is one of the...

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